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Due diligence and valuation – Probot Ventures LLC

Due diligence and valuation

Due diligence and valuation of enterprises buy/sell

Due diligence is one of the key elements preceding almost each buy/sell transaction of an enterprise, its organized part or joining a new business or financial investor.
One of the aims of the due diligence process is identification of significant risks concerning both acquired enterprise and the transaction. A professional due diligence allows a potential purchaser to have a full view on the company subject to take over from the financial as well as operational side, having regard to the key business areas of the company concerned.

Thanks to the impartial advisor providing the due diligence service the purchaser has a broad knowledge of the company subject to takeover. This may significantly improve his position in negotiation processes which, in turn, may result in tangible benefits in the form of lower acquisition price and introducing into the buy/sell agreement records securing the purchaser’s interests. For a distress assets , the due diligence is even more critical because there can be numerous hidden red flags which has caused the distress in the company . The due diligence of distress assets requires the long experience of evaluating the distress assets to estimate the costs and risks associated with it. One more important point is that in most of distress assets , there is no seller covenants and guarantees are possible and sale is on “as-is where-is” basis. This is why thorough diligence is essential.

Probot, based on its long experience of due diligence in different industries, supports companies in carrying out due diligence in terms of financial, Operations, legal issues and taxation, in a manner suited to the Customers’ requirements.