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Operations Due Diligence – Probot Ventures LLC

Operations Due Diligence

Operational due diligence (ODD) is one of the most critical process by which a potential purchaser reviews the operational aspects of a target company during mergers and acquisitions. In fact, ODD helps you better understand the processes the target depends on. Probot ODD Specialists examines and evaluates operational performance related to a potential investment and determines the financial impact.

Operational due diligence (ODD) for investment managers has never been more critical. Recent scandals have served to underline the growing importance of ODD in the minds of investors. Adding in other factors such as an increasingly complex regulatory environment and the investors’ search for the alpha generating, operationally sound investment managers becomes increasingly difficult.

Probot ODD specialists have extensive experience of conducting operational due diligence procedures over a broad range of strategies, including hedge fund, infrastructure, private equity and traditional asset managers. Our ODD specialists and local subject matter experts challenge and assess key aspects of the target manager. These aspects include tone at the top, compliance culture, risk management and conflicts of interest. We conduct a tailored set of due diligence procedures to answer the questions that matter most to member firm clients.

When do you need operational due diligence?

  • When companies want to validate the vendor-assumed operational improvements in projections.
  • You’re looking for a potential up-side that will give you an advantage over other buyers.
  • You want to integrate operational due diligence with financial & commercial due diligence to achieve integrated business due diligence.
  • You need transparency to reveal the operational reality behind the financials.
  • You wish to highlight risks & value-enhancement potential
  • You want to carry out an in-depth analysis of value adding & supporting operations